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How End Of Safari 6.0 Support Affects Browser Users?
03.08.2016 11:54

Safari 6.0 was lunched with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion in 2012 after Safari 5 version. This came with new advanced features which made the users to have amazing experience to explore. This made the users to have fast and smarter web searches in an easy way. But, later Apple pulled away the download link for Safari 6.0 for PC and directed them to online tech support number for Apple Safari to get the link for latest Safari.

With its advent, users were too excited as this Safari browser 6.0 were added with many adoring features that made the users to have easy access for having optimize search. Let’s know about the features that made the users enthralled with this advanced Safari6.0 browser.

It provided smart unified search


Safari 6.0 is just similar to Google Chrome and Internet Explorer with single search or address field. With its bar users can analyze with book mark and history to find what they need to search for.

Modified tab function


Its tab view made the users to have swipe-able list. If tabs are opened, then it automatically saved to iCloud. This made the users to have available on Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod.

It made the users to have easy social sharing


Share button given on Safari made the users to automatically add pages and links to their reading list. This made them to post or mail directly with their reading list.

Optimize Performance


Its multi-core JavaScript processing and better hardware acceleration made the users to have great performance.

Strong Privacy control


Apple added a new feature ‘do not track’ which made the users to have strong safety of their complete data that they use in browser.

These were some of the features of Safari 6.0 that made the users to have great affection with it. But, due to the end of Safari 6.0 support users were not able to have help for Safari trouble with tech support for MacBook.

But, Safari 6.0 users need not worry as they can have the support with the third party technical support service providers. With these independent Apple service providers, you can have the support for any of Safari browser you are using, no matter whether Apple has ended their support or not. You can avail the support any time whenever you feel the need of support for your Safari browser. Read more at


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