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What To Do When Iphone Frequently Ask Your Apple ID And Password?
14.07.2016 10:59

iPhone is one of the most fascinating and innovative Smartphones  developed and marketed by leading technology giant Apple Inc that run with the Apple iOS mobile operating system. Its craze among the users is really incredible, but at the same time users do get disappointed when it generates trouble. One of the most common issues that user recently complain is about frequent questioning of iPhone for Apple Id and password, for this they ask for the support for the Apple id password. This error usually happens after an update or after restoring your iPhone. However, you need not worry as with some fixes shown in this post, you can easily get this issue resolved.

Reboot your iPhone


This is the first requirement to do in this situation. So, just reboot your iPhone by pressing on home and sleep button simultaneously.

Reset the complete settings


You can reset the complete settings without getting delete any of the data. For this you need to go on the settings> General>Reset and Reset settings. If it still asks your Apple Id and password, then you need to call on the technical support number for Mac or need to move ahead with the further procedure.

Check for the updates with the purchased app from Apple store and iTune store


Here, you need to open the Apple store and check for the update with the purchased apps. If any update needed, then complete it. In the case, if you find any downloading incomplete or hanging then delete it or complete it and, then go to the account settings to make the login with Apple ID and password.

While doing login, if you find trouble then you need to reset the password of Apple account.

Check iCloud, iMessage and FaceTime


Check whether iCloud is configured properly or not. Here, you need to turnoff iCloud by erasing your account. With the iCloud settings retype the password for Apple Id and check for the issue solution.

If the trouble is same as earlier, then you probably need to make the settings with iMessage and FaceTime.

Update your I phone with the latest version


First, create the back of iPhone, then go to the settings>General>software update. Once your device gets updated then you need to sign out of the iCloud.

While restoring the backup, if you are asked for the password then you need to skip and then sign in to iCloud account, if your restoring is completed.

This way, you can deal with frequent asking of Apple ID and password and could use your iPhone completely free of trouble. You can read this useful article: Trouble Free Recovery for Your Apple ID Password


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